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Photo Building (II)

In Part I we deconstructed a sample photograph, and came to some conclusions about how it was made. In this part we’re going to reconstruct a similar photograph in the same style. Firstly I’ll have to define my terms, I’m not planning to go out and buy myself exactly the same set of props; I’ll… Read More »

Photo Building

My friend Victoria is a photographer. I’m interested in photography too, and like to help her when I can. I noticed that she was researching styles of photography for autumnal, rustic, foods. One example in particular caught my eye. It caught my eye because it’s the sort of photography I like: a staged scene, that’s… Read More »

UK Passport Photo Tutorial

You want a photograph for an ID. You own a DSLR (or other controllable) camera, and it’s easy to get photographs printed online. Why then should you pay over five pounds for four photographs, when you could pay 5p (at best)? The answer is that it needs a little bit of effort. This tutorial is… Read More »