Monthly Archives: October 2010

Android Central Fail: Slice Slice

Best Android Apps Review aren’t doing their job as reviewers properly. I’ve complained before about not calling Android developers out for requiring invasive permissions without due cause for their apps. When I spot them I’m going to start naming and shaming both the app and the review that didn’t note it. Top Android Game: Slice… Read More »

Heroic Physics

Sometimes the world isn’t so bad. Driving to a Mariners game, Duane Innes saw a pickup ahead of him drift across lanes of traffic, sideswipe a concrete barrier and continue forward on the inside shoulder at about 40 mph. A manager of Boeing’s F22 fighter-jet program, Innes dodged the truck, then looked back to see… Read More »

Free Mobile Phone

Price I paid for an off-contract Android-based HTC Desire: £389.99. Consumer electronics arguably unnecessary with a smartphone in your pocket: GPS receiver: approx £100 Wireless VoIP phone: approx £60 Archos multimedia tablet: approx £150 Kindle: approx £100 iPod: approx £100 Netbook: approx £300 Nintendo DS: approx £110 Therefore, my phone was free. (I realise that… Read More »

Android Applications

Paypal released an Android app. “Great”, thinks I, “I’ll install that”. Here is the list of permissions that the paypal app “requires”: Your location, coarse and fine Full internet access Add or modify calendar events, send email to guests, read calendar events Read contact data Send Linux signals to applications Read phone state and identity… Read More »