Monthly Archives: May 2012

TomTom Whinge

Awww, didums. In one particular instance, a leading open source map was compared against a professional TomTom map, and shown to have a third less residential road coverage and 16% less basic map attributes such as street names. Worse still, it blended pedestrian and car map geometry, and included ‘a high number of fields and… Read More »

Microsoft Blows

Microsoft Delivers a Blow to Open Source with Visual Studio 11 When I read this headline, I thought, “oh, oh, Microsoft are going to try and compete with the open source compiler by giving away Visual Studio 11”. After all, they’ve got the money for it, and charging developers to write software for your operating… Read More »

Hacking Shouldn’t Matter To Customers

WHMCS, a client management company has been hacked. 1.7GB of data was stolen. The data leak comprises 500,000 usernames, passwords, IP addresses and in some instances credit card details. As I keep saying: the only financial information that would be stored in the company database when you pay via bitcoin is a magic number that… Read More »