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Bitcoin versus American Express

At the Future of Money and Technology conference yesterday, the VP of American Express got an uncomfortable question (for him). His response caused amusement and tweetnoise. For the benefit of the search enginges.. Richard Nevins Q: What does Amex think about bitcoin? A: Next question. [cue laughter] Christian Lanng Q: What do American Express think […]

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Chicken Prisoners

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a well-known example from game theory. The basic idea is: Two men are arrested as being involved in the same crime. The police offer both the same deal: testify against your partner and you will go free and your partner goes down for twelve years. If you both remain silent, you […]

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Solving Spam, Fussy Logic Style

Here’s the thing about spammers: they send millions of emails. They are able to do so because the marginal cost of sending is very small. I have heard it said that if they get one hit in a million, then they can be in profit. Some fools repeatedly suggest that a charge per email is […]

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