Bitcoin versus American Express

By | 2012-04-24

At the Future of Money and Technology conference yesterday, the VP of American Express got an uncomfortable question (for him). His response caused amusement and tweetnoise.

For the benefit of the search enginges..

Richard Nevins Q: What does Amex think about bitcoin? A: Next question. [cue laughter]

Christian Lanng Q: What do American Express think of BitCoin? A: Next Question (but that’s disruptive)

Andrew Prell @Amex would not answer questions about #bitcoin

Eric Chan Harshul Sanghi asked “What does Amex think of Bitcoin?” Ans: “Next question?”

Bradley Leimer question about what they think of bitcoin: ‘no comment’ much laughter

Rafe Needleman Amex’s Harshul Sanghi asked, “What does Amex think of Bitcoin?” Ans: “Next question”

Interesting points to note:

  • The VP of Amex knows what Bitcoin is
  • At least some of the audience know enough to ask Amex about Bitcoin
  • The audience at a future money conference knows what Bitcoin is (the laughter tells us that)
  • The audience senses enough discomfort from Amex over Bitcoin that it’s worth tweeting the response.

There are reports that Bitcoin is being mention a lot at this conference. The financial services industry can see that writing is on the wall for them.

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