Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mobile Data Rates

Those little letters next to your signal bars? They tell you what the connection type is. What possible use the manufacturers think they are, I have no idea. I’m an engineer, and I have no idea what the relative speeds of the various data modes are on my mobile. For example, is “H” better than… Read More »

Bitcoin Rising (I)

Another in my tracking of bitcoin acceptance increases articles. This is a product unassociated with bitcoin; and yet look down there at the bottom of the page. We now take BITCOIN! Small steps. Small steps.

Raspberry Point

There are times that I despair of the world. Reading this review of the Raspberry Pi was one of those times. We fired up Debian (the most beginner friendly of the official options) and the media center and came away slightly bemused. Each suffered from its own strange limitations and collection of glitches that leads… Read More »