FussyLogic Ltd is a software contracting company with over 20 years of experience with embedded firmware projects, writing robust low-level Linux code, systems administration and high-level web applications.

FussyLogic offers an unsually broad range of expertise: we can take on projects that would normally require a developer for your embedded controller, a networking specialist to design your protocol, a web programmer, a database adminstrator, and a systems adminstrator to manage the system can all be done in house by FussyLogic.

This website, while a contact point for FussyLogic the company, is primarily a place for me, its owner, Andy Parkins, to publish articles covering subjects that interest me. They are technical in nature, but I try to keep the subjects varied to keep things interesting. You’ll find articles here on subjects like:

My technical interests are fairly eclectic, so the subjects will change from week to week. Hopefully you’ll find something here that interests you.

FussyLogic is further unusual, in that we’re an early adopter of the innovative online currency called Bitcoin. We’re willing to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate and equal payment method. We don’t yet price in Bitcoins, as the exchange rate is too volatile, but we’re willing to settle an account with bitcoins, and we’ll even give you a discount for doing so.