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Asterisk For a Small Business (III)

Last time we left ourselves in the position of having two outgoing trunks available and four locally connected phone extensions. Let’s remind ourselves of these endpoints. $ asterisk -r hostname*cli> sip show peers Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport ACL Port Status andyp/andyp D OK (100 ms) wife/wife (Unspecified) D 0 UNKNOWN handytone1/handytone1 D 5060… Read More »

Asterisk For a Small Business (II)

Last time we discussed registering multiple trunk lines from a provider using our Asterisk server. As yet, we have no way of making calls, nor any device to receive incoming calls on. Our two trunks are, at the moment, pretty useless. This time then we’ll talk about how to configure some local endpoints. These are… Read More »

Asterisk For a Small Business (I)

FussyLogic is a small business. I run it from a home office. Most of my incoming phone calls are to my mobile; but I want to have a landline presence for the business too. It’s not cost effective to pay for an additional land line from BT just for those rare landline calls. I choose… Read More »