About Us

I am a multi-skilled engineer. I hold a Masters in Electronic Engineering and a Doctorate in Signal Processing. I have worked as a programmer and systems designer for 20 years and have a broad skill set. I am personable and have run small teams of engineers in the past; but work alone as a contractor now. I can turn my hand to any computing or programming problem, but my chosen areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Linux systems or application programming
  • Linux systems administration
  • PHP/Python Web Development
  • PostgreSQL
  • AVR/MSP430/ARM Embedded Development

I have worked as a systems administrator, database administrator, technical director and developer. I am familiar with the following technologies, but am happy to learn any new technologies needed for a project.

  • Programming Languages: C++, C, Python, PHP, Perl, Atmel AVR, JavaScript, Pascal (Delphi), Java, Visual Basic, Z80 Assembly, PIC Assembly, ST6 Assembly, 8051 Assembly, 68000 Assembly, 8085 Assembly, Bash Shell Scripting
  • Software Expertise: Cross-platform, Qt, Server, TCP/IP, Multi-threading, Linux Drivers, Digital Video Decoding/Display, SQLite, ffmpeg, Embedded
  • Operating System Expertise: Linux
  • Application Expertise: PostgreSQL, Apache, Latex, git, subversion, cvs
  • Open Source Contributions: git

A small section of my open source software is available at github.com/andyparkins, should you wish to see my programming style.

I am a keen proponent of the Bitcoin online currency; and am willing to accept them in payment.