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Garbage Collection is Harmful

I don’t like garbage collection. Fundamentally, my problem with languages that have a garbage collected memory model is this: memory is not the only resource. Resource Acquisiation is Initialisation. RAII as it’s often abbreviated to. RAII and object oriented languages go together beautifully because the language does the heavy lifting with its automatic calling of […]

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Interfaces in C++

C++ has no such thing as an interface. It’s one of the few Java vs C++ comparisons that I think Java wins. Interfaces are useful. I’d like to talk about how we can get similar functionality into C++. First we need to define our terms. Here’s an abstract base class in C++. class Shape : […]

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Not Everything Is A Reference

I like Java as a language. Kind of. It’s strongly and statically typed, has object oriented syntax, reflection, exceptions, and interfaces (interfaces being one of the few features that I think C++ is missing). Dynamically typed languages encourage sloppiness, and don’t help you avoid sloppiness, and the overriding feature of all good software is that […]

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