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Hacking Shouldn’t Matter To Customers

WHMCS, a client management company has been hacked. 1.7GB of data was stolen. The data leak comprises 500,000 usernames, passwords, IP addresses and in some instances credit card details. As I keep saying: the only financial information that would be stored in the company database when you pay via bitcoin is a magic number that… Read More »

Bitcoin versus American Express

At the Future of Money and Technology conference yesterday, the VP of American Express got an uncomfortable question (for him). His response caused amusement and tweetnoise. For the benefit of the search enginges.. Richard Nevins Q: What does Amex think about bitcoin? A: Next question. [cue laughter] Christian Lanng Q: What do American Express think… Read More »

Scrape them off, Jim

From East of Eden: “Say, Carlton, how do you go about telegraphing money?” “Well, you bring me a hundred and two dollars and sixty cents and I send a wire telling the Valdosta operator to pay Adam one hundred dollars.” This particular bit of East of Eden (which is excellent, quite apart from this particular… Read More »

Bitcoin Baby Steps (V)

I heard about Bitcoins last year. Thought “could be interesting one day”, checked the Debian repository for a version of the client (it wasn’t packaged yet), not finding it, I moved on. Then Slashdot mentioned that trading in Bitcoins had (temporarily) reached dollar parity. One Bitcoin was worth one dollar, but dropped back to about… Read More »

Bitcoin Baby Steps (II)

The continuing saga of the bitcoins. So far, it’s looking like a viable technology to me. The next step is to get a real address. I could sign up for an eWallet account, which has certain appeal for the anonymity it would provide (and simplicity). Possibly that would be the best first step for a… Read More »

Bitcoin Baby Steps (I)

I’m still interested in Bitcoins, and I am continuing my experiments and investigation. I have downloaded the beta Bitcoin Wallet for Android app, which is simplistic for now, and only works on the Bitcoin test network; but it is enough to see the potential of the system. Bitcoin Wallet App When it runs you are… Read More »