INDEX to the Interaktion Newsletter ~ This is an index to all articles published in Interaktion (The Interak Newsletter) between December 1982 and November 1992. A total of 18 Newsletters

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  RS232 diagram ~ Although a COMM's card was available for the Interak, it had too many features for my needs. So I made up this one to provide a link between Interak and the PC which would enable me to transfer CP/M files from the Internet.

  I/O card + RNG ~ This card provides 7 user ports and a Random Number Generator.

  Port Module ~ This unit provides an Input and Output Port and is used with the Interak I/O card.

  8x Relay Module ~ This unit provides 8 relay controls and connects to the Port Module unit via a ribbon cable

  Analogue to Digital - 4 Port Module ~ This unit provides 4 Analogue-in ports for the Interak.

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