Using a PC style keyboard as an ASCII keyboard

Because PC keyboards are so cheap and because of the difficulty of obtaining an ASCII keyboard it makes sense to use a PC keyboard with an 8-bit computer.  
The difficulty with PC keyboards is that they produce serial scan codes which are synchronized with a clock signal.  In addition the scan codes bear no relation to ASCII code or (it seems) to anything else :)  Whereas an ASCII keyboard is completely different - it produces 7-bit parallel data that is not synchronized.

After a long journey I have finally produced some software which works well.  I had looked around on the Internet initially, for software to do the conversion but the code that I found seemed to be fairly convoluted. There is plenty of information about the PC keyboard operation and from this I was able to write some code in PICBASIC PRO. After getting it working I spent several weeks simplifying the code and making it more efficient.  It now compiles down to about 600 bytes and I really don't think it could be any more simple than this.

  Documentation and schematic diagram                Documented PICBASIC PRO code

            Use either of these Hex files to program the PIC ......... 648PC_ASCII.HEX    84PC_ASCII.HEX
            Right click on file then 'Save Link as' and if necessary add the .HEX extension

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